Meeting all your pregnancy education, birth & breastfeeding needs.
Please call/text Danielle on 0414 886 455
Danielle will continue to conduct home visits for lactation clients with precautions utilised.  If you are unwell, have had contact with anyone who has Covid-19 or have been overseas in the past 21 days, please do not request a home visit.
Hypnobirthing and Baby 101 classes will be held via Zoom/online
To ensure the safety of all families Danielle will ensure:
1.Screening for all patients prior to visiting
2. Gown, gloves and mask will be worn throughout the visit
  Zoom consultations will be available 7 days a week.

Testimonial - "Ms S" (2017)

From the moment I engaged Danielle as a lactation consultant, her experience was immediately apparent and she had such an energy to her that you feel instantly comfortable.  Danielle was my last hope after being told by the hospital that I would have to use formula because my baby couldn't figure out how to suck.  Even the hospital "experts" could not fix things after 6 days of trying.  But thank god for Danielle because she knew EXACTLY what to do - and much to my amazement - had baby successfully breastfeeding that same day - along with a whole follow up plan and phone support to help me in the following weeks.  Little did I know it then but I would never have to use formula or bottles from that day on!  I am forever grateful to Danielle helping me give my baby the best start to life via breastmilk.

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