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Lactation consulting in your home

Danielle is a board certified lactation consultant . The service offers breastfeeding support in your home to encourage, support and give you the skills to confidently feed your baby.  The service includes 4 weeks of phone calls should you need to ask any further questions, leaving you with confidence and peace of mind.  The lactation service also includes baby care tips and tricks that Danielle has learnt as a midwife and mother to help you not only feed, but settle and confidently care for your baby.

All areas of breastfeeding issues including:

  • difficulty latching

  • tongue tie

  • biting

  • poor weight gain

  • breast/nipple pain

  • poor supply

  • over supply

  • nipple & breast thrush

  • mastitis

  • vasospasm

  • inverted/flat nipples


Danielle will come to your home for 1-1.5 hours and assess and guide a full feed.  Lots of practical parenting tips are also included!  After your consultation, should you have any questions, Danielle offers a 4 week free phone call service if there are any unanswered questions.

The Price is $200 for a home visit.  Any subsequent visits are $100 per hour.  Private health rebates available for most health insurance providers

Lactation Testimonials


Danielle got me across the line when I was about to give (reluctantly) give up breastfeeding!  After almost 12 weeks of struggling, and seeking help several times previously, Danielle's caring advice and support helped me turn a corner.  Im still breastfeeding months later, and I highly recommend Danielle to anyone who needs some help


Well worth every dollar spent.  I never looked back after Danielle's help.  I was about to give it all up - but bub and I have not looked back since Danielle visited us.  Thank you!

"Ms S"

From the moment I engaged Danielle as a lactation consultant, her experience was immediately apparent and she had such an energy to her that you feel instantly comfortable.  Danielle was my last hope after being told by the hospital that I would have to use formula because my baby couldn't figure out how to suck.  Even the hospital "experts" could not fix things after 6 days of trying.  But thank god for Danielle because she knew EXACTLY what to do - and much to my amazement - had baby successfully breastfeeding that same day - along with a whole follow up plan and phone support to help me in the following weeks.  Little did I know it then but I would never have to use formula or bottles from that day on!  I am forever grateful to Danielle helping me give my baby the best start to life via breastmilk.