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Meet Danielle!

Welcome!  Danielle Rose started "Complete Midwifery" to cover all of your pregnancy, birth and postnatal needs.  So that women can be truly informed and prepared not only to be empowered in birthing their babies but to have the tools and skills to breastfeed and care for a newborn.  

As a lactation consultant Danielle conducts home visits as well as classes to prepare you and give you the skills to successfully begin your breastfeeding journey with your baby.

Pregnancy birth and raising children are all natural life events.  Education should empower you and your partner to walk into birth and parenthood with knowledge, confidence to care for your new baby.

My aim is to ensure you are informed of the process of birth to give you the tools to make informed decisions regarding your care.  

I provide pre-birth breastfeeding classes and baby 101 classes, hypnobirthing Australia and hypnobirthing caesarean Australia classes, I am a board certified lactation consultant, registered midwife and provide post birth debrief for those who feel they need to talk the experience through whether positive or negative.

So who am I?  I am a mum of 4 gorgeous children who has experienced both natural birth and caesarean birth.

I consult from both my home office and at your home.