baby 101

Have you or your partner never really held a baby?  Burped a baby or worry about some of the basics of taking care of a newborn baby?  Why IS my baby crying?  Are you starting to worry about how you will fit that precious new little body into that car seat you bought?


My personalised program is 1.5-2 hours long and is PERFECT.  We cover EVERYTHING you need to know - and things that you never thought that you would need to know.  My skills, tips and tricks, earnt and learnt over 24 years of 5 children, being a midwife and lactation consultant will give you the confidence to come home with YOUR baby WITH CONFIDENCE.

Please contact me for availability and prices.  This essential first time parent class combines perfectly with the pre-baby breastfeeding course that I have written with Australian women in mind.

Call/text 0414886455 or click the "contact me" for more information or to book in.