Pre-birth breastfeeding classes


Pre-birth breastfeeding classes are an essential for all first-time mums; those who had difficulty with previous babies or any woman who feels that a refresher would be helpful.  The biggest complaints women have after leaving hospital is the mixed messages they received from the many midwives they encounter and the constantly different suggested of attaching baby to the breast.  

As both a midwife and board certified lactation consultant Danielle is skilled in teaching mothers the correct techniques enabling mothers to enter the breastfeeding relationship with confidence and an understanding of not just how to latch your baby onto the breast.  Years of experience offer a much more comprehensive class than offered by hospital classes. 

Class content includes:

  • Establishing breastfeeding in the first few days and weeks.

  • Hormones and breastfeeding (in simple terms!)

  • Learn your baby's cues 

  • The first feed and the importance of skin to skin

  • The importance of rooming in

  • Feeding cues

  • How do I know if baby has had enough?

  • Correct latching – positioning and attachment

  • What is “normal for a breastfeeding baby?

  • Survival tips for the first few weeks

  • Expressing

  • And much more!


This program combines extremely well with "Baby 101 - what do I do?" classes.

A 15% discount is offered if the "Baby 101" class is booked in combination.